Meet Your Maker

 So long as I am alive and able, I will create. I use my hands to create because I was born for it. Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I am your maker. I started Mortal Hands Leather in October of 2019. Making things has always been a passion of mine, even from a young age.
   My attention to detail and fine craftsmanship became apparent when I started making and painting war games pieces as a child. I started to look for other creative outlets as I got older. In high school, drawing and painting were my focus. Then I started doing some digital art in college working on 3D models and video game art. I tried metal sculpture, pottery, kiln building, furniture refurbishing, woodworking, home improvement, and many other design and creative mediums. They all have something in common. Detail is key. 
   My introduction to leather craft came from visiting a leather artisan’s workshop with my wife who was buying a leather bag from him. His living room was quite frankly a complete mess. It was filled with tools, machines, leather pieces and half finished projects. Despite all of this it looked like a playground to me. It was some years later that I finally took the plunge and bought some tools and my first hide to get started. My home is slowly starting to remind me more and more of that visit. I enjoy taking the time to make the best thing I can whatever that may be. I find joy in the journey of starting with raw materials and using my hands to create something beautiful out of them. I truly have found my calling with leather craft. The idea that I can make something that someone will use for years maybe the rest of his or her life, is so satisfying.
   Mortal Hands Leather is special for me. It’s the embodiment of a life lived to create. I make timeless rugged pieces that will age beautifully and last a lifetime. Every stitch, every panel cut, and every burnished edge is by my mortal hands. Thanks for visiting my shop and I hope that you will afford me the opportunity to create something special for you.
-Ryan Heitkemper